My Blog 8/13/2014

The day before my 44th birthday on August 11, 2014, Robin Williams was found dead. No I did not know him personally, But God….”Allah”, “Jehovah”, knew Robin Williams. The world only knew they loved him without question. The world knew, Robin Williams made them happy because he was; as Billy Joel sings….”quick with a Joke”….

I know God Loved Robin without judgement. Our Creator knew Robins life was meant to make others find happiness. Some people are born to draw others to blissful happiness and experience strange isolation in the midst of crowds and gatherings.

It is a personal suffering that cannot be explained any better than the suffering Jesus suffered in the movie….Son of God.

Anyone that knows me, knows I am not fake.

Robin Williams was True to Heart. He only did things God motivated him to do.

Yes, I hear some make comments about Suicide being Selfish. May all finally understand….While Some suicides are extremely selfish….Some people are a human being real to the core suffering so badly that they FELT NO CHOICE, BUT TO FINALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

God Granted Robin Permission. He will always be loved by our creator and his suffering internally….has no explanation that humans can truly comprehend. 

That is why you cannot, judge others.

All Suicides, are not selfish.  All deaths are not without reason.

All Acts that seem selfish; must not be judged..unless you are God.